Best Roof on the Market


Whether you’re building an airplane hangar, restaurant, or family home, you’re going to need a roof. So which roof is the best? Part of us would like to just say: “The flat roof, of course!” and be done with this article. But, life is rarely so straightforward, and we pride ourselves on providing Canadians with all the facts they need to make an informed decision.

Extra Space.

Canada is a huge country and our population is relatively low, but much of our land is uninhabited wilderness. In fact, 75% of Canada’s population live within just 160 kilometers of the US-Canada border. This means, despite our vast land, there can be some heavy competition for space in our major cities. Flat roofing offers homeowners an opportunity to expand their home upwards. When you choose to buy a home with a flat roof or transform your conventional roof into a flat roof, you’ll have an extra indoor story and a roof you can walk on and use. Patios, gardens, and yoga retreats are just three of the creative uses our clients have come up with for all that extra space.

Chemically Inert.

Whether you’re building a commercial kitchen or a petroleum refinery, you’re going to need a roof that’s chemically inert. We suggest PVC roofing. This is one of our favourite roofing products to work with, and it’s a great option for anyone worried about oil residue. Common pollutants and oils can’t break down PVC; it’s also impervious to acids. If you’re planning industrial buildings with special requirements, talk with us! We love talking-shop, and we’d be happy to give you a rundown on the best roofing materials for your needs.


We’ve been in the business since 1989, and many of the roofs we built in that first year are still around. That’s because a flat roof that is inspected regularly and well maintained can easily last 30 years, and for commercial and industrial projects, our suppliers offer businesses a manufacturer direct warranty on both material and labour for 15 years. Given the long warranty and longer lifespan of a high-quality flat roof, most of our clients find the save money in the long run by choosing flat roofing.

Of course, in the end there is no best roof. All materials, buildings, and situations are different. Some businesses and homeowners simply can’t have all their needs met by a flat roof, and that’s okay. For everyone else, Vanderleek is here to tell you that conventional roofing isn’t the only option. If you want a durable, affordable roof that provides you with more space, talk with our roofing experts today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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