How Does a Flat Roof Affect the Efficiency of Your Home?

The best style and shape of roof and the best type of roofing material is going to differ a lot by where you live. The type of roof best suited for weathering hurricanes in Florida is not the best roof for Calgarian blizzards. So when it comes to understanding how a roof affects your home
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Flat Roofs Perfect for Life in Western Canada

Whether you live in Calgary, Vancouver, or somewhere in between, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of crazy weather. Canadian weather is frequently extreme, so homeowners need to be able to to trust their home to keep them warm and dry. Between gales, hail, flash storms, and even hurricanes and tornados, how can you proactively
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Just How Flat is a Flat Roof?

While a flat roof may really seem flat when compared to a more conventional roof, it isn’t. Or, more accurately, it’s not quite flat. A flat roof can be more accurately referred to as a low-slope roof, but the exact definition of a flat roof is going to vary greatly depending on who you ask.
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How Often Should You have your Flat Roof Inspected and Maintained?

Here at Vanderleek Roofing, you’ll likely hear us talking about how important proactive, preventative care is. This is because regular inspection and maintenance help to extend the life of your flat roof. A properly installed flat roof should last decades, but this isn’t possible without proper maintenance. Increased Life. You don’t need us to tell
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Replacing your Roof VS Repairing — Where’s the Line? - Vanderleek Roofing - Flat Roof Experts Calgary

Replacing your Roof VS Repairing — Where’s the Line?

We’re not going to lie, roofs are expensive. Flat roofs have a tendency to be slightly more affordable than conventional roofs, but even a flat roof can cost thousands in repairs or for a replacement. This is a cost most Canadians won’t take lightly. So when you have a leak or a visibly damaged roof,
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Preventing Roof Leaks - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

Preventing Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is never fun, but when you have a flat roof, diagnosing and tracking down the leak can become even more tricky. This is because once water penetrates the membrane it can travel a long ways horizontally before it seeps into the home. It’ll often take your expert roofer both a visual examination
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Getting the Most out of your Roof - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

Getting the Most out of your Roof

If there is one thing that unites all Canadians, it’s loving being a part of such a big country. We’re so fortunate to enjoy kilometres and kilometres of wild, natural spaces and a relatively low density of people per square kilometre. Somehow though, despite being the second largest country in the entire world, Canadians decided
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Flashings 101 - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

Flashings 101

When it comes to keeping your home cozy and warm, your roof has a few important jobs. However, perhaps the most important thing your roof does is keep your house dry and safe from water damage and the mould that often follows leaks. Flashings are a vital component of your roof’s defensive line against water.
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Winter Installations - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

Winter Installations

A roof leak waits for no person, and that means we get called in to repair roofs in all seasons. But what some Canadians may not realize is that there are some big differences between installing a roof in winter and installing one during summer. That’s why we’d like to take this blog to explain
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Vapor Barriers, What, Why, and How - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

Vapor Barriers, What, Why, and How

Your roof works hard to protect you and your family from sun, wind, and rain, but it’s a bit simplified to think of your roof as a single object rather than as a complex system. A roof is made of different layers which all work together to keep your home dry and safe from the
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