All commercial and public buildings from hospitals to schools and shopping centres can benefit from flat roofing. With the right flat roofing system, these buildings will not only stay dry but can save money on heating and cooling costs. Flat roofs typically last 20-30 years and have warranties on materials and labour. Problems are rare if the materials are professionally chosen to be suitable for the building and installed with attention to detail.

Easy on Budgets

There are a wide variety of flat roofing products available and the experts at Vanderleek Roofing can help you to choose the material best for your business and budget. With our help and expertise many of the businesses we’ve worked with have saved money. This extends past the initial investment to the years of use they get from their durable flat roof.


A roof is only as strong as its weakest part and at Vanderleek we only work with the best flat roofing products. This means that if you need a repair, you’ll have to choose from the specialty line of products originally used on your roof. Using ordinary tar or choosing a company that is inexperienced will likely make the problem or issue worse.

A Durable, Long-Term Investment

Flat roofs are a great choice for Canadians because they’re highly resistant to both wind and hail damage if installed properly. In Alberta alone wind and hail cause millions of dollars in damage to roofs. But a flat roof installed by a skilled team will be more resistant than a conventional roof and can easily last you 20-30 years regardless of the weather. PVC flat roofs are also chemical resistant, impervious to acid, oil and other contaminants. These qualities make flat roofing an ideal option for large-scale or smaller commercial buildings.

If you’re looking for an affordable long-term investment, look no further than Vanderleek Roofing. Our teams work year-round in both Calgary and Vancouver Island. We pride ourselves on not only offering Canadians the best in products and service but also in communication, skill, integrity, and work ethic. Email us for more information today!

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