Duro-Last PVC Membrane is one of our favourite roofing products. Duro-Last’s slogan is “world’s best roof” and they actively strive to achieve that lofty goal. Whether you’re looking for environmentally friendly roofing options, a highly energy efficient material, or just a durable roof that will last you for decades, Duro-Last has the product for you.

First created in 1978, the founders of Duro-Last realized that frequent leaks and other roof failure wasn’t due to the product but the workmanship around tricky areas of the roof. In response, Duro-Last created a custom, prefabricated product and the necessary equipment to help roofers. This is great news for roofers because there’s less guess work and we know our clients are getting a great roof. The engineering team at Duro-Last is involved with the design and construction of their roofing systems. Specialty manufacturing is done routinely to meet the requirements of each individual roofing project.

Why Do We Recommend Duro-Last?

When clients come to us asking which manufacturers we recommend, Duro-Last is on the top of our list. This product is designed and manufactured with the environment in mind — something that’s very important to many Canadian clients. It’s also energy efficient, durable, and an economically sound decision. Duro-Last’s Best-in-Class Warranties are exceptional, and Duro-Last even sends a technical representative to inspect each and every commercial and industrial roofing system. On these commercial/industrial installations, the manufacturer issues a direct warranty to the building owner for the materials and the labour for a 15 year period. This warranty is not prorated like many of the other materials manufactured in the industry. In addition to the warranty, an additional insurance coverage up to $10,000,000 is offered in consequential damages.

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