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Flashings 101 - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

When it comes to keeping your home cozy and warm, your roof has a few important jobs. However, perhaps the most important thing your roof does is keep your house dry and safe from water damage and the mould that often follows leaks. Flashings are a vital component of your roof’s defensive line against water. These metal paths are used to direct water away from joints and inevitable weaknesses in the roof (think vents, sunroofs, and chimneys) and into eaves troughs or otherwise away from your home.

Water Barrier.

The primary thing any flashing should do is shed water. Flashing that absorbs water or lets it seep into your roof is simply not doing its job. When your roofer uses flashing on your flat roof, they should carefully seal any joints to prevent water from entering your home. Professionally installed flashing is especially necessary for flat roofs as gravity won’t reliably drain away water.

Ready to Move!

Flashing doesn’t just move water; it also has to move with your house. If you can remember all the way back to grade school, you’ll recall that everything is made of tiny, moving particles called atoms. While we can’t see the tiny movement with our naked eye, your house is constantly in motion. As winter comes with colder temperatures, your house will contract a little. Once summer warms things up again, everything will expand. Humidity levels will also cause your house to contract or expand. While you might not notice the change, it’s crucial that flashing remains in place, keeps all joints sealed, and continues to direct water away from your home.

Long Lasting.

When the expert roofers at Vanderleek create or replace your flat roof, we guarantee it with a 15-20 year warranty. We’re going to go ahead and assume that Canadian homeowners would prefer not to have to replace their flashing any sooner than the rest of their roof. That’s why we take the durability of our materials seriously. Here at Vanderleek, we only use the best flat roofing supplies, and that means choosing flashing that is UV resistant, that adapts to temperature extremes, and is dependable regardless of how much rain or snow falls. Ensuring that your flashing lasts for decades also means understanding how different materials react and choosing a compatible metal for your building.

There’s more to building a great, long-lasting flat roof than meets the eye. After all, a roof is only as good as its weakest component. That’s why it pays to choose a professional roofing team whom you trust to use only the best materials. Let our years of experience and dedication to customer service guarantee that you have a flat roof you can love for years to come. Call Vanderleek Roofing today.

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