Flat Roofs Perfect for Life in Western Canada


Whether you live in Calgary, Vancouver, or somewhere in between, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of crazy weather. Canadian weather is frequently extreme, so homeowners need to be able to to trust their home to keep them warm and dry. Between gales, hail, flash storms, and even hurricanes and tornados, how can you proactively prepare your roof for everything Canada can throw at it?

Invest in a Flat Roof. Most of the Canadians we’ve spoken to love the extra space that comes with a flat roof. There is no useless attic with wasted space. Instead, you get the full use of your top floor and of the roof. But that’s not even the best part. Flat roof require fewer materials than conventional pitched roofs, which makes them more affordable. And, when inspected and maintained properly, these roofs can last decades. Some flat roofs first created in the 1900s are still in use today.

Inspections and Resealing. The flat roofing standard for inspections is twice a year. Once in spring and once in fall. This is actually pretty handy for our clients as both of these times come with a lot of important maintenance work. After leaves have fallen, the roof and gutters need to be cleared so that it can drain properly, and it’s also a good idea to remove any debris that could puncture the membrane. Any overhanging trees should be trimmed, and check for any weakness or bubbling in the membrane.

Once a year, you may also want to consider having the roof recoated with a new layer of waterproofing. Alberta and BC have inversed wet and dry seasons. While Calgary’s rainiest months are May-August, Vancouver is often at its driest during the summer. So we’d recommend Albertan clients have their flat roof waterproofed in early spring, while BC clients wait until early fall. Annual waterproofing will help prevent leaks as your roof ages, and it’ll keep the roof in great shape for year to come.

From the extreme heat and drought to the extreme cold and flooding, western Canada sees weather of all types. It’s important to have a roof that can keep up. Flat roofs are durable, easy to inspect and maintain, and offer excellent resistance to windy and wet conditions. To learn more about flat roofs and why they’re perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the west, contact the experts at Vanderleek Roofing today.

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