Getting the Most out of your Roof

Getting the Most out of your Roof - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

If there is one thing that unites all Canadians, it’s loving being a part of such a big country. We’re so fortunate to enjoy kilometres and kilometres of wild, natural spaces and a relatively low density of people per square kilometre. Somehow though, despite being the second largest country in the entire world, Canadians decided to all bunch up in the south. In fact around 75% of all Canadians live within just 160 km of the American-Canadian border. So despite our sprawling great north, many homeowners are finding they need to build up to access all the space they need.

Flat roofing is the answer for homeowners who need more room. Instead of moving away from your current house, you can simply expand upwards. The experts at Vanderleek can transform your conventional roof into a flat roof. This will give you an entire new interior floor — the space the used to be part of your attic, and a flat roof which you can use for additional storage and more.

Rooftop Deck.

There’s nothing quite like eating dinner overlooking your neighbourhood from the top of your roof-deck. A rooftop deck offers privacy and unobstructed view of the sky. And our clients love how versatile the space is. Whether you prefer to quietly read, to enjoy a zen yoga session, or to clink beers with friends during a hot-tubbing and barbeque party, your rooftop deck is there to provide you with the ideal space to make it happen.

Green Roof Garden.

There are few things more delicious than homegrown produce. There’s just something special about plucking a fresh, juicy tomato from your own garden that makes it taste a million times better. For many of our clients in both Calgary and Vancouver Island, having a flat green roof is wonderful. The plants grow delicious food, but they also absorb UV radiation and water keeping the home cooler during summer and putting to good use all the precipitation that usually just runs off your house.

Canadians are used to their roof keeping their homes dry and warm, but a flat roof can do a whole lot more. Talk with the experts at Vanderleek to learn more about how a flat roof can help you expand your home and create the private roof-top retreat you’ve always wanted.

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