How Often Should You have your Flat Roof Inspected and Maintained?


Here at Vanderleek Roofing, you’ll likely hear us talking about how important proactive, preventative care is. This is because regular inspection and maintenance help to extend the life of your flat roof. A properly installed flat roof should last decades, but this isn’t possible without proper maintenance.

Increased Life. You don’t need us to tell you that replacing a roof is expensive. Most savvy business owners and landlords that we know don’t want to replace the roof on their commercial or industrial building any sooner than they have to. Despite this, many people need to replace their roof before it reaches 80% of its expected lifespan. This is due to ignoring routine maintenance and repairs.

Money in Your Pocket. It may surprise you to hear that the flat roof inspection standard is semi-annual (twice a year). In general, we recommend having the first of these inspections done in spring and the second in fall. This will allow your professional flat roofer the optimal opportunity to clear gutters and remove any debris (branches or garbage) that could puncture the roof membrane or lead to flooding. They’ll also be able to note any defects like cracking, blistering, etc. They may recommend having these problems fixed immediately before the rainy season, or they may suggest just keeping these problems under observation. Usually, we recommend observation (unless something is actively leaking) and having all noted problems repaired every couple years. This combination of inspections twice a year and repairs every couple years should maintain your roof admirably and save you money in the long run.

Warranty. At Vanderleek we’re proud to only offer our customers great supplies that are made by reputable manufactures and backed by excellent warranties. But regardless of whether you have a flat roof or a conventional one, suppliers are going to demand that you’ve met the semi-annual roof inspection standard in order to honour their warranty. This is because small issues that are left unchecked quickly become large problems that can destroy a roof.

In general, clients who invest in regular inspections and maintenance as recommended often spend about half as much on their roof in the long run. This is because the smaller costs of inspections and repairs are paid for in years of extra durability. To learn more about how to take care of your flat roof or to book your spring inspection, contact the expert flat roofers at Vanderleek Roofing today.

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