While most Calgary or Vancouver Island suburbs are still populated with detached, single-family homes with a conventional roof, more and more Canadians are choosing flat roofs for their house or garage. Thanks to the durability of flat roofing and the unique opportunity to add more space to your home, many architects, designers and homeowners are choosing flat roofing systems.

Wind or Hail Damage?

While it may be counter-intuitive, flat roofs are actually far more resistant to hail and wind damage than a conventional roof. This means neither the harsh Canadian winter nor powerful spring storms will damage your roof. Most homeowners benefit from a good 20-30 years from their flat roof. The teams at Vanderleek work year round and can complete an average residential roof in about a week.

No More Wasted Space

Despite their continued popularity, conventional roofs are terrible space wasters. Canadians rarely get much use out of their attics, and a conventional roof is difficult and dangerous to spend time on. Savvy Canadians who want to get the most out of their homes are realizing that flat roofs are the way of the future. With a flat roof, homeowners free up new space for fruit and vegetable gardens, a rooftop patio, a quiet zen retreat, or a sun deck. What you do with all your new space is limited only by your imagination! Putting up and taking down lights for the holidays just got a whole lot easier.

More Space for Homes New and Old

Vanderleek is happy to work with Canadians building a new home. We have a long list of recommended contractors, or we’d be happy to work with a team of your choosing. However, if you already own a home or are buying an older house, you can still benefit from a beautiful and practical flat roof. Canadians often love their homes but they wish that they had a little bit more room. Vanderleek Roofing can help. We can take your conventional roof and turn it into an extra floor of usable living space. On top of the new floor, we’ll build a flat roof. This will provide you with plenty of new living space often times without increasing the overall height of your house.

Let Vanderleek Roofing assist you in choosing the best flat roofing system for your new home or reroofing project.

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