Roof Maintenance and Inspections


Whether you choose to have a conventional roof or a flat roof, you’re going to have to think about roof maintenance. The fact is that a roof that isn’t inspected and maintained on a semi-regular basis just won’t last as long as one that receives the care it deserves. Beyond that, many warranties require that owners have their roof inspected reasonably often if they want the warranty to be honoured. But what is “reasonably often”? And what sort of problems should you be looking for anyways?

Reasonably Often is probably far more frequently than you’re going to like:

About twice a year. In general, for Canadians, we’d recommend an inspection in fall before the snow comes and in spring after it’s all melted. The good news is that many roofing companies will actually do inspections for free — this doubly true if you have a conventional roof. However, it’s worth remembering that a more thorough inspection may not be free. Try to have a thorough inspection with a moisture survey and what not every couple years or so.

Picking Your Roofing Team can be a challenge.

If you’re new in the city and aren’t sure which roofing companies are reputable, ask a friend or neighbour for suggestions, or look online for reviews. Alternatively, pick out a few different companies that offer free inspections and have them all come out one at a time. If they’re all telling you something different, call in another company until two inspectors are telling you the same thing. Companies with a long history of happy clients — like us — will also be more than happy to show you pictures of some of their work and may even have a previous client you can talk to.

Flat Roofs are good at avoiding many of the common problems that conventional roofs have.

For example, hail damage is rarely an issue. However, flat roofs aren’t perfect, and they have their own set of common issues you should watch out for. Fortunately, a flat roof is much safer than a conventional roof, so you can go take a peek yourself. Here are the three things we recommend looking out for.

  • The freeze-thaw climate that’s common in Calgary thanks to the chinooks can cause splitting, so keep an eye out for that.
  • Ponding is when a shallow pool of water won’t drain properly from your roof. Our BC clients who experience a lot of rain are going to be more susceptible to this problem. Fortunately, ponding can be fixed a variety of ways, so call in an expert for some help.
  • Finally, if something isn’t sealed properly and water can pass through the roof, blistering can occur.

Regular roof maintenance and inspections are an important part of keeping your roof in great shape for twenty, thirty, or even more years. If your flat roof needs an inspection or you’ve spotted some trouble that could use some work, don’t hesitate to call Vanderleek Roofing today!

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