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Winter Installations - Vanderleek - Flat Roofs Experts

A roof leak waits for no person, and that means we get called in to repair roofs in all seasons. But what some Canadians may not realize is that there are some big differences between installing a roof in winter and installing one during summer. That’s why we’d like to take this blog to explain why you won’t see us out working on a roof when the weather is below -10°C.

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the vast majority of Calgary and Vancouver roofing gets done during the summer and fall. Canadians looking to have their roof replaced want to have all the work done before the snow (and rain) comes, and that makes sense. While roofing labour costs can be lower over the cold months as roofing companies compete for the little work available, most Canadians just don’t want the hassle of having a half finished roof over Christmas or New Years. Beyond that, many roofing products simply shouldn’t be installed when the temperature dips too low.

If you think back to elementary school, you probably remember the basic science lesson that things contract when they get cold and expand when they get warm. This is unfortunately true outside of the classroom, and it applies to all the supplies and materials used to make a roof. What this means is if a roof is installed when it’s cold out, in the spring when the snow begins to melt, the materials may expand with the sudden warmth and cause a lot of damage.

It’s also important to remember that roofs aren’t installed by robots. Real people are going to be up on your roof. The dangers of slick shingles and howling wind may affect roofers who build and replace sloped roofs more than flat roofing teams like Vanderleek, but the fact is, in the middle of winter, it’s often simply not safe for a team to be so high up. Carefully applying a roof takes detailed, precise work, and that makes wearing gloves and mitts nearly impossible. At the end of the day, we feel taking care of our roofers is our most important responsibility, and that means drawing a hard line at -10°C.

The team at Vanderleek is available to install and replace roofs all year round in both Calgary and Vancouver, but it’s important for our clients to understand that our roofers won’t be out working when the temperature is too low. By -10°C, it becomes impossible to work outside without gloves and mitts, and our roofers can’t wear them most of the time. Beyond that, the roofing materials we use can’t be installed when it’s that cold. All in all, this means a winter roofing project may require some extra patience. If you have any questions about what a winter installation means for you, contact the expert flat roofing team at Vanderleek today!

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